Friday, October 14, 2011

If I knew then, what I know now.

As I painfully watch Ryleigh, in her freshman year of high school, go through the same gauntlet of hardships that I went through, I ask myself this question - If I could go back and give myself one piece of advice, what would it be?

It's difficult to come up with just one thing.. There are so many times that I think about what I would have done differently.

I guess the best thing would encompass many things.

For me, that would be the following.

Dear Teen Age Kerri,
Slow down. Don't rush everything. Even though it seems like it will never end, this time in your life is so short. Take the time to enjoy just being young. You have time to take advantage of the many things that are offered you.
It isn't necessary to rush through school work, there will be time to play later.

As much as you fell in love with that bundle of joy when you were 20, you will be a better mother to both of your children, if just wait a few years.

If you wait a while longer before you move out of mom and dad's house, you will be able to afford something better than that trashy trailer that was your first home.

Enjoy your family. All too soon your brother and sister will move on and build families of their own. You will all get wrapped up in working, parenting and adult responsibility, and find you have little time to just hang out and be goofy with your siblings.
Your parents will age and the fear of the inevitable will haunt you. You will regret the things you put them through in your rush to grow up.

If you just stop trying to grow up so fast and enjoy your youth, I promise that you will be a better, happier adult. I also think that by slowing down, you will feel less of a need to be one of the "cool" kids and allow yourself to be your own person.

Love, me

Readers.. I want to hear from you.. What is one piece of advice you would give you high school self? Click the comment button, and share.


cousin terri said...

I think I would have gotten more involved in school stuff. I just couldn't wait to be outta there but then what. More schooling or work. Now I'm online with many from high school and wish I had gotten to know them better back then!!!!!!!

nuccia said...

A year late but here goes...There's so many things I would love to say to my daughter (or to my teenage self if I could). The best piece of advice I could give is do not label the kids you go to school with for your friends today you might never see again. Those you didn't think were *cool* could very well end up being co-workers or your supervisor. You might even like them and wonder why you didn't give them a chance. Also, be a kid - enjoy - better still embrace your youth and live each day without regret. Be nice, be honest, be sincere and be YOURSELF!